Hybrid Working for Minority Women Opens Doors to Apply for Senior Positions

IWG’s 2024 report, “Advancing Equality: Women in the Hybrid Workplace,” draws from extensive research involving over 1,000 female hybrid workers, shedding light on the transformative impact of flexible working arrangements. Remarkably, more than half (53%) of respondents have leveraged the flexibility of hybrid work to pursue promotions or apply for senior roles, a figure that rises to an encouraging 61% among women from minority backgrounds. For nearly three-quarters (73%) of women in minority groups, hybrid working has unlocked new opportunities previously beyond their reach.

Commissioned by IWG, the global leader in hybrid working solutions with brands like Spaces and Regus, the Advancing Equality report reveals a shift in the professional landscape for women. A substantial two-thirds (67%) believe that hybrid work, aligned with several of the UN’s Sustainable Development goals, has levelled the playing field for career progression, while 70% perceive it as fostering a more inclusive work environment. The data encompasses women from diverse minority groups, such as LGBTQIA+, disabled, or from ethnic backgrounds.

In a notable revelation, 86% of those with mobility disabilities affirm that hybrid working has made office-based jobs more feasible, with 78% agreeing it contributes to job inclusivity. Moreover, 89% of women attribute a better balance between work and family commitments to hybrid working, facilitated by the rise of “15-minute cities” and reduced commuting times. Consequently, over a third (38%) find more time to pursue personal passions outside of work.

The report underscores a significant trend where women are making pivotal career decisions, including job changes and industry shifts, driven by the opportunities presented by hybrid working. A substantial 43% of women credit hybrid working for enabling them to transition into new industries, particularly emphasising the benefits of increased productivity (44%), learning about diverse roles within their company (49%), and gaining visibility with senior leadership (32%).

Also, the positive impact extends to mental health, with 27% of those experiencing mental health challenges reporting improvement due to hybrid work. Additionally, respondents highlighted benefits such as reduced commuting costs (38%), increased productivity (24%), and, surprisingly, 7% noted that hybrid working facilitated the adoption of pets.

Benefits of Hybrid Working for Minority Women


Hybrid working offers a range of benefits for minority women, contributing to a more inclusive and flexible professional environment. Here are some key advantages:

  • Career Advancement Opportunities:

The flexibility of hybrid working allows minority women to pursue career advancement opportunities, including promotions and senior roles. This empowerment is crucial for breaking through barriers that may have hindered progression in traditional, office-based settings.

  • Increased Job Opportunities:

For many minority women, hybrid working creates new job opportunities that might not have been accessible otherwise. The ability to work remotely or with flexible schedules broadens the scope of employment options and enables participation in industries and roles that may have been geographically or structurally limiting.

  • Enhances Work-Life Balance:

Hybrid working facilitates a better work-life balance, offering minority women the flexibility to manage their professional and personal responsibilities effectively. Tis balance is particularly beneficial for those who may gave additional challenges due to cultural expectations or family obligations.

  • Reduced Commuting Stress:

The adoption of hybrid working minimises the stress associated with commuting, providing minority women with more time and energy to focus on work and personal pursuits. This can be especially significant for those facing longer commutes or transportation challenges.

  • Improved Mental Health:

Hybrid working has been associated with improved mental health outcomes. For minority women who may experience unique stressors or face intersectional challenges, the flexibility and reduced workplace-related stress can contribute to better overall wellbeing.

  • Increased Productivity:

Many minority women report increased productivity when working in a hybrid model. The ability to choose the most conductive work environment, whether at home or in the office, allows for better focus and efficiency, positively impacting job performance.

Hybrid working presents a transformative opportunity for minority women, providing them with the flexibility, empowerment, and inclusive environments necessary for career growth, improved work-life balance, and enhanced overall wellbeing.

How Can Wellity Support You?


Let’s Shatter the Glass Ceiling

The glass ceiling refers to the invisible formidable barrier that prevent women from advancing into higher levels of leadership and decision-making positions within organisations. Despite significant progress in gender equality over the years, many women still face obstacles that hinder their career progression. Breaking through these barriers requires empowering women with the necessary tools, skills, and support to navigate the challenge biases and feel empowered to progress.

In this session we will equip women with the knowledge and skills to shatter the glass ceiling and realise their full potential in their professional journeys.

  • Recognise and address the challenges faced by women.
  • Develop strategies to promote gender diversity and inclusivity in remote and hybrid work environments.
  • Enhance strategies and networking skills to create more visibility and impact for female professionals.
  • Encourage organisations to implement inclusive policies and practices that support work-life balance and career progression.

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