Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2024

Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2024 is held between the 5th – 11th of February. It is the UK’s national week to raise awareness of sexual abuse and violence and to provide an opportunity for any organisation or individual to engage in dialogue. There are many voices that often go unheard or with little recognition. Research shows only around 15% of people who experience sexual violence choose to report this crime to the police. This designated week is a significant time to join conversation with thousands of others and spotlight support services.

Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence in the Workplace

Sexual abuse and sexual violence in the workplace represent significant challenges that undermine the wellbeing and safety of employees. It encompasses a range of unwelcome behaviours, from verbal harassment to physical assault, and can have severe consequences for the victims, creating a hostile and intimidating work environment. Such incidents can occur across various industries and organisational hierarchies, affecting individuals regardless of gender, age, or position within the company.

Preventing and addressing workplace sexual abuse requires a comprehensive approach, including clear policies, education, and a supportive organisational culture. A study shows 43% of women have experienced at least three incidents of sexual harassment at work. Companies need to establish robust mechanisms for reporting incidents confidentially, ensuring that victims feel safe and heard. Training programs should be implemented to raise awareness about the different forms of sexual violence, promote a culture of respect, and emphasise the importance of consent in professional settings. 25% of sexual harassment victims say they avoided certain work situations, like meetings, courses, locations, and shifts, to avoid the perpetrator. Additionally, organisations must hold individuals accountable for their actions, fostering a workplace environment where sexual abuse is not tolerated, and where perpetrators face appropriate consequences. By prioritising prevention, intervention, and support, workplaces can strive to create a safe and inclusive environment that protects the dignity and rights of every employee.

What Resources are Available to You?

Accessing support for sexual abuse and violence is crucial for survivors’ healing and recovery. Professional help provides a safe space for survivors to process trauma, address emotional and psychological impacts, and learn coping mechanisms.

RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)

RAINN is the largest anti-sexual violence organisation in the United States. They operate the National Sexual Assault Hotline, providing free, confidential support 24/7. RAINN also offers online resources, information, and tools for survivors of sexual assault.

Childhelp (National Child Abuse Hotline)

The Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline is dedicated to helping victims of child abuse. They provide crisis intervention, information, and support for those affected by child abuse. The hotline is available 24/7, and individuals can also contact them via text or online chat.

UK National Rape Crisis Helpline

The UK National Rape Crisis Helpline offers support for women and girls who have experienced sexual violence. They provide confidential helpline services and information to survivors. The helpline is available for individuals in the United Kingdom.

Pandora’s Project

Pandora’s project is an online support and resource centre for survivors of rape and sexual abuse. It offers resources to help survivors cope with the effects of trauma. The organisation focuses on providing a safe and understanding space for individuals to share their experiences.

National Sexual Violence Resource Centre (NSVRC)

NSVRC is an organisation that works towards preventing and responding to sexual violence through research, resources, and collaboration. They offer a wide range of materials, including publications, toolkits, and training resources for professionals and individuals seeking information on sexual violence prevention and support for survivors.

How Can Wellity Support You this Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2024?

A Wellity session ‘Beyond Trauma: Unlocking the Path to Empowerment’ aims to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the signs of trauma and equip them with the practical steps towards reclaiming their power. By delving into the intricate changes that occur within the brain as a result of trauma, participants will gain insight into the neurological aspects of their experiences. Moreover, the training will emphasise the crucial role of support systems in the process of recovery.


      • Recognise the signs and symptoms of trauma and understand its impact on emotional and psychological wellbeing.

      • Understand the neuroscience of trauma and the changes that occur within the brain due to traumatic experiences.

      • Cultivate a supportive environment and nurture a supportive network.

      • Foster self-compassion and develop the tools to navigate the challenges posed by trauma.

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