Wellity Took Over the Corporate Wellbeing Expo 2024

What an incredible two days it has been at the Corporate Wellbeing Expo 2024, the Wellity team took over! From captivating interviews with legends like Frank Bruno to insightful keynotes by thought leaders like Sadie Restorick, the event was filled with enlightening moments and inspiring conversations. The expo offered invaluable networking opportunities, allowing us to connect with a diverse array of individuals all dedicated to improving corporate wellbeing. Overall, it was a truly enriching experience that left us feeling motivated and empowered to continue championing mental wellness in the workplace.

The Corporate Wellbeing Expo 2024 is an annual event dedicated to promoting mental health and wellness initiatives within corporate environments. They featured keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions focused on various aspects of wellbeing, from stress management to leadership development. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from industry experts, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and connect with like-minded professionals passionate about creating healthier work environments.

Sadie Restorick at The Corporate Wellbeing Expo 2024

Sadie Restorick Keynoting at the Corporate Wellbeing Expo 2024

Wellity Co-founder Sadie Restorick took the keynote stage at the Corporate Wellbeing Expo 2024, delving into the crucial link between mental wellbeing and personal achievement. Her keynote titled ‘Psychological Safety: The Secret to Success’ explored the neuroscience of high-achievers and the characteristics of high-performing work cultures, and why sustainable success demands team psychological safety. Sadie’s presentation was a resounding success, drawing a large audience eager to listen, learn, and engage  with her insights, prompting a fully of questions and discussions from attendees seeking to deepen their understanding of the topic.

Sadie Restorick Interview for Podcast

Meanwhile, in another corner of the expo, Jennifer Evans, known to her listeners as ZenJen from the Exponential Potential Podcast, engaged in a captivating conversation with Sadie. As the recipient of the Great British Businesswoman of the Year Award, Sadie shared her journey to success, reflecting on the challenges she overcame and the strategies she employed to sustain her achievements. As the interview unfolded, attendees were treated to an intimate glimpse into Sadie’s personal journey and the driving force behind her commitment to advancing mental wellbeing in corporate settings.

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Simon Scott-Nelson at the Corporate Wellbeing Expo 2024 

Simon Hosting the stage of the Corporate Wellbeing Expo 2024

Simon took the stage as the host of the main keynote stage at the Corporate Wellbeing Expo 2024, introducing a line-up of distinguished guests. Among them was Becky Thoseby, the esteemed Head of HR from the Ministry of Justice, TikTok sensation and leadership legend, Kate Waterfall Hill, Apprentice 2023 Winner Marnie Swindells, and many many more! The diverse range of speakers provided attendees with invaluable insights and strategies for cultivating a healthier and happier work environment.

Simon Interviewing Frank Bruno

Simon also had the privilege of interviewing boxing champion Frank Bruno, a highlight of the event. Together, they delved into the unforgettable night in 1995 at Wembley Stadium when Frank Bruno clinched the WBC heavyweight boxing championship. They discussed the exhilaration of facing Mike Tyson in his prime, the upcoming fight with Jake Paul, and the unwavering dedication required to excel in the sport. Frank also opened up about his own mental health journey, sharing the challenges faced and his mission to raise awareness through the Frank Bruno Foundation. Their conversation highlighted the importance of exercise for maintaining a positive mindset and Frank’s inspiring advocacy for mental health.

Amidst the excitement and knowledge-sharing, the Wellity team had the opportunity to connect with remarkable individuals, all united in their commitment to promoting wellbeing in the corporate world. The expo provided a platform for meaningful exchanges and collaborations, reinforcing the collective endeavour to create healthier and happier workplaces for all.

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