Are You Struggling With Financial Anxiety? From Distress to De-stress With Wellity Global.

With the rise of inflation and global instability, many employees are feeling the pressure of meeting their day-to-day financial needs. Some have been forced to make significant changes to their everyday lives, such as cutting back on energy use and other essentials. And it isn’t just people’s finances taking a hit, money worries are severely impacting individual’s mental health which is directly affecting employee’s productivity, attendance and engagement.

A recent PwC survey found that 49% of employees said that money worries had a severe or major impact on their mental health in the past year. The current pressures from the cost-of-living crisis have placed a significant strain on mental health and it’s clear that organisations need to be doing more to help and support their employees.

As with mental health, a stigma around getting help lingers – 41% of financially-stressed employees are embarrassed to seek guidance on their finances. Money worries can manifest feelings of shame and embarrassment with individuals often not knowing where to turn for advice and support.

Here at Wellity, we offer a range of sessions that practically help employees tackle stress and anxiety around topics that may be affecting them both inside and outside of the work environment. One example session is, ‘From Distress to De-stress’.

This session explores the fundamentals of stress awareness, enabling delegates to better recognise their stress triggers and how to use coping mechanisms to prevent ill mental health. The key objectives that this session covers are learning the types of stress responses, exploring the dynamic of pressure and performance and recognising triggers and tells.

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