Pride Month 2023: Inclusivity for LGBTQ+ Employees

Pride Month is celebrated every June as a tribute to those who were involved in the Stonewall Riots. Pride is a celebration of people coming together in love and friendship. It is a time to acknowledge the struggles that the LGBTQ+ community has faced in the past, and to commemorate the progress that has been made towards greater acceptance and equality.

The theme for World Pride this year is ‘Gather – Dream – Amplify’. The 2023 event is described as a time to listen deeply, learn, take action, protest, and party… A time to dream. Imagine the future we want and demand it … A time to step aside, making sure there is abundance of space for everyone. New voices. New dreams. A time for new perspectives and possibilities.

Pride Month History

Pride Month has its roots in the Stonewall riots, which took place in June 1969. The Stonewall Inn was a popular gay bar in New York City and was raided by police on the night of June 28th. The patrons of the bar, who were mostly gay and transgender individuals, fought back against the police, and this sparked a series of protests and demonstrations over the following days. These protests were led by prominent figures in the LGBTQ+ community, including Marsha P.J Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. They called for gender visibility and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as an end to discrimination and violence against them.

The first Pride march took place in NYC in June 1970, one year after the Stonewall riots. It was organised by the Gay Liberation Front and the Gay Activists Alliance, and it was a way to commemorate the riots and to continue the fight for LGBTQ+ rights. Since the Pride Month has become a global celebration, remembering the challenges the LGBTQ+ community have faced and continue to face today.

LGBTQ+ Employees at Work

LGBTQ+ individuals still face discrimination, violence, and inequality in many parts of the world. One of the major issues facing the LGBTQ+ community is discrimination in the workplace. Many LGBTQ+ employees – more than eight million in the US workforce alone, according to some estimates have had experiences of discomfort and conflict, whether through explicit workforce discriminations, microaggressions, or indirect that intentionally or unintentionally make marginalised groups feel hurt or even attacked.

Along with demoralisation, this can breed workplace hostility. Half of LGBTQ+ and ‘sexual and gender diverse’ people surveyed by the Centre for American Progress (Cap) in 2022 reported experiencing some form of workplace discrimination or harassment in the past year because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The number jumped to 70% for transgender respondents. And, often these workers quit as a result.

A 2021 study by Williams Institute, showed that more than one third of LGBTQ+ employees said they had left a job during their lifetime because of how they were treated by their employer based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. This kind of discrimination can take a toll on LGBTQ+ workers, and even have a knock-on effect for employers.

How to Foster Inclusivity for LGBTQ+ Employees

Data shows LGBTQ+ employees are increasingly prioritising working in an environment where its safe to openly be themselves – and are choosing potential employers who tout their inclusivity standards. The Cap report showed that 36% of LGBTQ+ and 65% of transgender respondents surveyed have decided on where to work to avoid discrimination. Subsequently, job-searching approaches have evolved: many workers within this group say they are actively choosing positions based on their environments, rather than on a company basis.

Whether you want to increase the number of staff who are open about being LGBTQ+ or revise your policies to make them fully inclusive, its important to decide upon clear strategies and tactics. This will allow you to understand where you want to be and how you’re going to get there. You can do this through setting up a network group specifically for LGBTQ+ employees; they will help you know where you are doing well, and which areas may need a new approach. Consulting employees – both LGBTQ+ and non LGBTQ+ – about what inclusion looks like in your organisation will help you ensure your strategy is appropriate and that all staff share your vision. Allies are also a crucial element in ensuring inclusion for all, they can further spread the message that diversity is celebrate by your organisation.

An inclusive workplace culture is one in which everyone feels that they belong through feeling safe in being themselves, that their contribution matters, policies, and practices are fair and diverse range of people are supported to work together effectively.

How Can Wellity Support You?

Data shows workers are changing the way they’re searching for jobs. And there are signs that resources are emerging for these workers to find more safety in the workplace, and ultimately choose employers who support them as they are.

Though often used interchangeably, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are interrelated yet distinct and separate concepts. A Wellity series ‘We Belong’ focuses on educating and empowering attendees in differentiating these terms and creating a shared meaning for application in their working lives. Throughout the programme, attendees will be invited to reflect on their own experiences and levels of unconscious bias, confronting the realities of every-day working life and tackling existing beliefs and barriers to their commitment to evoking a sense of belonging for all.

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