Resilience Leadership Training – Madrid

Recently the team at Wellity went to Madrid as part of an international Wellity Resilience Leadership Training Programme. We worked with a fantastic client to deliver our high impact and high energy ‘The Resilient Leader’ programme.

In a challenging and changing working world, employees will naturally turn to their leader to decide how to respond in times of difficulty. As such, leaders play a huge role in influencing an organisation. And its employees and can directly impact levels of physical and mental health through positively leading by example.

Our resilient leadership programme reveals the proactive ways a leader can embed resilient strategies in their teams. In this session, our primary goal is to delve into the concept of resilience and its critical significance within the realm of leadership. Attendees embark on a journey to gain a comprehensive understanding of resilience. Exploring how it underpins effective leadership in various scenarios. It unravels the essential fundamentals of resilience in leadership. More importantly, participants learn how to apply these principles effectively, transforming them from theory into actionable strategies.


      • Gain a comprehensive understanding of resilience and it’s importance in leadership.

      • Identify the key fundamentals of resilience in leadership and ow to apply them effectively.

      • Assess personal leadership style and traits to enhance authenticity and effectiveness.

      • Develop strategies to navigate change and inspire teams during times of uncertainty.

      • Cultivate vulnerability and create a supportive work culture that fosters resilience.

      • Foster a positive mindset and develop a resilient narrative to overcome challenges.

      • Become a resilient role model for your team, inspiring them to embrace resilience strategies.

    The Importance of Resilience Leadership Training

    Resilience leadership training holds immense significance in today’s dynamic and uncertain business landscape. As organisations grapple with unprecedented challenges and rapidly evolving environments. And the ability of leaders to adapt, persevere, and inspire their teams becomes paramount.

    Resilience leadership training equips leaders with the tools to effectively navigate and lead through turbulent times. Whether it’s a global crisis, a market disruption, or an internal organisational change, resilient leaders are better prepared to respond with composure and agility. They have honed their ability to make informed decisions under pressure. In addition, maintain a steady hand in the face of adversity, and guide their teams toward stability and progress.

    A global study of resilience and engagement by ADP Research Institute. Found employees who said they completely trust their team leader were 14 times more likely to be fully engaged. Resilient leadership fosters a culture of trust and support within an organisation. Leaders who embody resilience serve as role models for their teams, demonstrating that setbacks are not insurmountable obstacles but rather opportunities for growth. This, in turn. Encourages employees to embrace challenges with a positive mindset, enhancing overall morale and productivity. Moreover, resilient leaders are more likely to create an environment where open communication and vulnerability are encouraged, leading to better problem solving, collaboration, and innovation.

    In a world where employees seek not only financial rewards but also personal growth and a sense of purpose in their work. Resilient leaders who invest in their own development and the development of their teams are more likely to foster a fulfilling and engaging work environment This, in turn, contributes to talent retention and attracts individuals who value the opportunity to work under leaders who prioritise resilience, adaptability, and authenticity.

    What We Offer at Wellity

    Wellity Global is a renowned leader in the field of leadership development. Offering an extensive array of comprehensive reslience leadership training programs that cover a wide spectrum of leadership topics. Whether you’re looking to enhance your team’s communication skills, foster effective decision-making, or cultivate visionary leadership. Wellity has you covered.

    With a global reach over 70 countries. Wellity Global has adapted to the evolving landscape of professional development by offering both in-person and virtual training options. Ensuring accessibility and flexibility for leaders worldwide. The programs are meticulously crafted to empower individuals and organisations to thrive in the ever-changing dynamics of the modern business world.

    All training is delivered by a global expert and the content created specifically to meet the needs of the audience; we pride ourselves in creating extremely innovative solutions using a range of content. Including engaging training/promotional videos. Courses can be available in 1hr, 2hr, half day or full day format based on your organisational needs.

    For any information on our leadership training programs, contact our team at

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