Work Experience Week with Poppy Pearson at Wellity global

For the past week, we’ve had Poppy here at Wellity HQ for her work experience placement.

Poppy has immersed herself in various aspects of our Wellity HQ, working alongside different team members and pursuing her own ambitious project. Her focus this week has been on creating a parenting survey, delving into the stressors faced by parents concerning their children’s mental health. This initiative not only demonstrates her initiative but also her genuine interest in supporting wellbeing as a whole.

Throughout her time here, Poppy has taken charge of her project, from designing the survey to collaborating with our team members like Bethany and Yaz. She worked closely with Bethany to craft a personalised email promoting the survey, showcasing her skills in communication and attention to detail. With Yaz, she tackled marketing tasks, creating compelling social media posts and informative resources on parenting tips. Poppy even ventured into video production, creating promotional content for the survey, showcasing her versatility and creativity.

In addition to her project work, Poppy has eagerly embraced new tools and systems, demonstrating a quick grasp and genuine enthusiasm for learning. Her ability to adapt and contribute effectively within our team environment has been commendable, reflecting her proactive attitude and eagerness to make a meaningful contribution.

About Poppy


Poppy’s involvement extends beyond her week at Wellity. She is a leader in her school community, serving on the school’s leadership team and soon to lead the student Wellbeing team. Her commitment to mental health advocacy is evident through her Mental Health First Aid qualification and her role as Youth Commissioner at Southend YMCA. Poppy also has a keen interest in psychology and animal welfare, highlighting her diverse passions and her desire to make a positive impact in various aspects of life.

Reflecting on her experience so far, Poppy shares, “I am extremely excited to have been given the opportunity to work with Wellity Global. Helping and supporting people is something I’m very passionate about, and I feel this experience will support me in my school life as well.”

Poppy’s Experience with Wellity Global


“During my week’s Work Experience, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Even though I have only been here a week I feel like I have been here much longer thanks to the Wellity team who have all been kind, open and honest with me.

When I first considered doing an office job for Work Experience, I was very quick to jump to the conclusion that an office job was the type of job where you would sit a desk and mostly complete boring tasks. However, Wellity has opened my eyes to the truth behind office jobs which are a lot more fun than I thought they would be.

While I have been here my main tasks have been to help Wellity promote their upcoming Parents Day. For this I have been involved in many tasks from creating a survey to help collect information form working parents to creating a promotional video for the survey which includes areas and places where struggling parents or carers can find support. Not only was I set main tasks I also had “side quests” as I like to call them one of which was a daily videoed interview with Yaz in these videos we would go through what I’d done in the day and any highlights from it.

My favourite part of Work Experience probably has to be the team. They have all been really sweet to me offering to help whenever I need help. As well as this they all have an amazing sense of humour, and all have similar interests to me especially when it comes to music and films.”

Thank you Poppy

At Wellity Global, we are thrilled to have Poppy on board. Her dedication, passion, and drive to make a difference are truly inspiring, and we look forward to seeing the continued impact she will undoubtedly make in the world. Poppy, thank you for choosing to spend your work experience with us and for embodying our mission of making lives better every day. Cheers to a bright future ahead!

Poppy Pearson on a wellbeing walk around Chelmsford.

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