Accredited Training Programmes


Accredited Training Programmes

Discover a distinguished array of accredited training programmes, reflecting our commitment to excellence in association with the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management.

The International Institute of Risk and Safety Management, also known as IIRSM, is an independent, educational charity that promotes risk management with the aim of improving employee and organisational wellbeing.

IIRSM’s framework supports the belief that risk management should be part of everyone’s responsibilities and it is a transferable skill from any sector, geographical location, organisation, and job role. Programmes approved by IIRSM serve as a testament to the training, meeting the high-quality standards set by the IIRSM’s Training Approval Scheme.

At Wellity Global, as well as working with many industry experts, we actively seek independent evaluations of our courses to guarantee compliance with industry benchmarks. This endorsement from IIRSM serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence and signifies that our programmes have been recognised and accredited for their high quality.

Our Accredited Programmes

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does accreditation by IIRSM benefit participants of your training programmes?

Accreditation by IIRSM provides participants with assurance regarding the quality and relevance of our training programmes. It also ensures that they are receiving training that aligns with industry best practices and standards.

How is the training delivered, and what formats are available for participants?

We offer flexible training delivery options to accommodate diverse learning preferences and schedules. Some of our accredited programmes can be delivered on-site, whilst others are delivered virtually or via a blended approach. Each format is designed to provide engaging and interactive learning experiences, facilitated by experienced trainers or subject matter experts. 

How is the effectiveness of the training assessed?

We employ various assessment methods to measure the effectiveness of our training programmes and ensure that learning outcomes are met. These may include quizzes, practical exercises, case studies, pre and post learning assessments, and final examinations, depending on the nature of the programme.

What is the cost structure for your accredited courses?

Our pricing structure varies depending on several factors such as the specific programme selected, the delivery format, number of delegates per course, and any additional services or resources included. For detailed pricing information and to discuss your specific requirements, we encourage you to book a call with the Wellity team who will be happy to provide a customised proposal tailored to your needs.

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