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Breaking Bad Habits - Health Hacks for Busy Professionals


An interactive, engaging and energetic series designed to break bad habits and teach attendees how and why to create healthier routines. that last.

Positioned as a ‘health hacks for busy people’ the sessions aim to encourage attendees to learn how to make tangible differences to their own lives, creating healthier minds and bodies. 

Example Topic Titles

  • Eat Well – Is sugar poison? 
  • Move More – Do you have a stiff back and a stagnant mind?
  • Sleep well – Are you wired and tired connected to the matrix?
  • Breathe Deeper – Are you breathing with your lungs?
  • Eat Well – Are carbs the enemy?
  • Move More – Do you suffer with C.B.A?
  • Sleep Well – Do you have a dirty bedroom?
  • Breathe Deeper – Are you holding your breath?

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