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The C.P.R. Programme (Creating Positive Relationships)


It is common to underestimate the difficulties that can often be encountered when trying to navigate through the work environment, particularly in challenging job roles. Prejudice and unconscious bias can often lead to behaviour and conduct that is inappropriate, unprofessional, and unwanted, fuelling negative work environments which prove toxic to both health and performance.

The frequency and intensity of such behaviour is amplified at times of high pressure, when it is common for employees to experience a reduction in their ability to regulate their responses and default communication styles can quickly become overt and aggressive. Bullying and harassment can also become more rife, with prevalent examples of power misuse, discriminatory behaviour, and in some circumstances, cases of racism, misogyny and homophobia.

Practically driven and using scenario-based discussions and actor-intervention immersive techniques, this on-site workshop provides attendees with the foundation knowledge and understanding to recognise inappropriate behaviour and feel empowered to act.

Modules and Objectives

Part 1 - Respect
  • Defining the meaning of professional and respectful behaviour.
  • Understanding the legal framework, including definitions and case-law, risk and responsibility.
  • Understanding what is considered inappropriate behaviour and conduct.
  • Drawing lines: Banter, flirting and boundaries.
Part 2 - Inclusivity
  • Recognising differences as strengths.
  • Identifying own bias, attitudes and perceptions of people who are different.
  • Understanding intent and impact.
  • Discovering techniques for tackling bias and dealing with discriminatory behaviour.
  • Cultivating a sense of team belonging and connection.
Part 3 - Support
  • Learning the impact of disrespectful & inappropriate behaviour.
  • Implementing strategies to call out, rather than standby.
  • Explaining and tackling the bystander effect.
  • Learning what support is available for the self and others.
Part 4 - Empowerment
  • Defining psychological safety in the workplace.
  • Learning the principles of self-empowerment at work.
  • Discovering practical strategies for creating psychological safety.
  • Creating an action plan for implementing the teachings.

Case Study: In March 2023, Wellity were commissioned to deliver The C.P.R. full day programme to placement students across four different sites for the emergency services sector.

With the brief referencing reports of inappropriate conduct and behaviour, the aim of the project was to educate, enlighten and empower all delegates to
recognise and confront specific unacceptable behaviours, to contribute to a psychologically safe working environment and to feel valued, supported and a strong sense of belonging.

Attendees completed a total of 12 hours learning each, which included pre-training activities, a live full day session and post-training activities. Across all groups, the average learning outcome increase, as a collective group, was 50%, with specific notable outcomes including an 80% increase in “I know the techniques necessary to challenge or confront disrespectful conduct”.

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