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Burnout Prevention for Leaders: Managing Stress for Lasting Success


This comprehensive programme has been designed to equip managers and leaders with the insight to understand burnout and learn how to adopt an action-based approach to making change. The modules emphasise the role of every manager in promoting a positive message around healthy pressure management, respecting the unique needs of every individual, and helping their teams adopt an empowered approach to tackling and preventing burnout.

Modules and Objectives

Module 1: Burnout - The Fundamental
  • Learn what burnout is and how to recognise it.
  • Discover the three dimensions of burnout.
  • Understand how to distinguish burnout.
  • Explore the managers role in preventing burnout.
Module 2: Occupational Risk & Protective Factors
  • Recognise work-related stressors.
  • Learn how to empower employees to utilise protective factors.
  • Establish the importance of psychological safety.
  • Understand organisational cultural influencers.
Module 3: Individual Risk & Protective Factors
  • Learning the impact of risk factors, including imposter syndrome.
  • Discovering the power of personal burnout prevention.
  • Engaging in healthy and empowering conversations.
  • Shifting the focus to balance and boundaries.
Module 4: Leading The Way - Being a Role Model
  • Establishing the importance of being a role model.
  • Overcoming personal barriers to energy management.
  • Acknowledging own unhealthy habits.
  • Cultivating a positive message to the team.
  • Understand organisational cultural influencers.
Module 5: Identifying. New. Goals
  • Sharing individual commitments to making a change.
  • Discussing and setting accountability goals.
  • Exploring ways to overcome potential barriers to success.
  • Final reflections and peer discussion.

Case Study: In 2022, we worked with a global technology firm who had identified burnout to be a critical risk to their business and to their people.

We identified over 100 leaders across the world, who were considered to be based in vulnerable teams or influential in their role. They were invited to join one of a number of cohorts as part of a pilot of our BOILING POINT – Battling Burnout leadership programme. Wellity managed the entire project including all cohort communications and activity coordination across 4 different time zones.

Attendees completed a pre-learning and post-learning survey to measure knowledge gain. The programme completed in November 2022 and based on the powerful results, the programme was rolled out to leaders and managers globally throughout 2023.

The pilot programme was deemed to be a huge success, specifically based on key learning outcomes. There was a significant rise in pre and post-learning knowledge, specifically with managing risks (over 25%) and the action planning stage (over 30% increase). We also received 100% recommendation from all attendees and
endorsement for rollout.

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