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o2 – Applying Your Own Oxygen Mask


In the fast-paced world of management and leadership, it’s crucial for professionals to prioritise self-care to ensure they can effectively lead and support others. The O2 Programme is designed to empower managers, leaders, and HR professionals with practical tools to take care of themselves through the two pillars of Observe and Oxygenise.

Modules and Objectives

Module 1: Observe - Self-Awareness and Self-Reflection
  • Discover the Archetypes of Self-Awareness.
  • Walk The Tightrope of Tension.
  • Discover The Squeezed Middle and The Release Valves.
  • Apply the Traffic Light Strategy.
  • Explore Your Triggers and Tells.
  • Address Enmeshment and Blurred Identities.
Module 2: Oxygenise – Revitalising and Energising
  • Learn The Neuroscience of Creating New Habits and Routines.
  • Discover The Framework for Setting and Maintaining Boundaries.
  • Establish Rituals for Energy Management.
  • Consider ‘Who Am I’: Identity Mapping.
  • Create Your O2 Commitment Plan.

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Leadership Training

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Leadership Training

Wellbeing Awareness Days

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