London Sport Marathon 2024

What is it?


London Sport marathon 2024 is a dynamic and influential organisation at the forefront of promoting physical activity and sports engagement across the city of London. With a commitment to creating a healthier and more active population, their multifaceted approach encompasses strategic initiatives, innovative programs, and grassroots campaigns aimed at breaking down barriers and inspiring individuals to lead more active lifestyles.

Who’s Taking Part?


Sadie Restorick Running

This year, our Wellity Co-Founder Sadie Restorick is set to lace up her running shoes and take on the challenge of the London Sport Marathon. Building on the legacy established by her fellow co-founder, Simon Scott-Nelson, who embraced the London Sport Marathon 2024 last year, Sadie, also crowned the Great British Businesswoman of the Year, is poised to bring her own spirit of endurance and dedication to the iconic 26.2-mile course. As she steps into the spotlight of this athletic endeavour, Sadie embodies the commitment and passion that characterise Wellity’s ethos, inspiring others to join her on this exhilarating journey toward both personal triumph and a healthier, more active community.

Sadie says, “The London Marathon has long been on my lifetime bucket list and as the big day approaches, I am full of anticipation and excitement. Every step I take is not merely a stride toward the finish line; it symbolises a collective effort to aid every Londoner in discovering the path to move more, live longer, and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

The event embodies a spirit of community, charity, and athletic achievement, making it a celebrated spectacle that captures the essence of endurance and determination.

Tanya Rabin, Director of Fundraising at London Sport says, “Huge congratulations to Sadie,, she is an inspiring woman and truly deserves these amazing Accolades! We can’t wait to see her continue to demonstrate why she’s such an incredible role model when she runs the London Marathon in support of London Sport in April – best of luck Sadie!”

You can be a part of this incredible journey by supporting Sadie’s marathon efforts through her fundraising link:

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Sadie’s Story


‘This year, I’m embarking on a thrilling challenge: running the London Marathon, not just as a personal milestone, but also to champion the remarkable efforts of London Sport.

My running story began as a means to conquer the formidable challenges of CPTSD, depression, and anxiety. Embracing the Red January movement, I laced up my shoes daily, discovering not just a love for running but also a sanctuary – a supportive community that became the cornerstone of my journey to recovery.

Today, I stand not only as an advocate for mental health but as an active contributor to the global wellbeing arena. Through my involvement, I’ve witnessed the miraculous transformation that physical activity sparks in lives.

Running for London Sport in this marathon is more than an honour; it’s an opportunity to propel their phenomenal work forward. Together, through the unparalleled power of sport, we can continue transforming lives.

All support and donations are hugely appreciated and gratefully received, not just to support this amazing charity but also to help me get though the training and over the finish line!”

Click now to contribute and make a meaningful impact, as every step they take is not just a personal achievement but also a stride towards supporting a cause that truly matters.#

For any further information, contact us at

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