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Leadership Training

An exclusive collection of leadership training sessions and programmes, designed to embed knowledge and evoke change amongst your leadership and management teams.

Leadership Training at Wellity Global goes beyond traditional approaches, embracing innovation and a global perspective to elevate your organisational leadership and management skills. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the fact that all our training is exclusively delivered by a global expert, ensuring that you receive insights and guidance from the best in workplace wellbeing.

Whether you prefer in-person, blended, or remote delivery, our flexible training options cater to your convenience. Our commitment to global operational coordination means that, regardless of your leadership teams location, they can benefit from our world-class training programmes. Wellity provides pre-learning and post-learning collateral to reinforce key concepts and facilitate continuous improvement. We prioritise data collection, analysis, and review to measure the impact of our training, ensuring that it aligns with your organisational goals and that we are consistently improving in all that we do. 

Leadership Development Categories

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the impact and effectiveness of the leadership training measured?

The impact and effectiveness of our leadership training sessions and programmes are measured in a number of ways. This could be through pre and post learning knowledge checks, participant feedback, focus groups, anonymous surveys and more. 

Is there flexibility in the delivery format of the leadership training to accommodate our team's learning preferences?

Yes, we understand that individuals have different learning preferences and so we offer flexibility in the delivery format of our leadership training to accommodate your needs. 

Training programmes can be delivered in person, virtually or as a blended approach to ensure your team can access high-quality learning experiences that accommodate their individual preferences and support their professional development goals effectively. 

Can the training for leaders be customised to address specific challenges or needs within our organisation?

Yes, absolutely. We understand that every organisation faces unique challenges and has specific needs when it comes to leadership development. Therefore, we offer customised training programmes tailored to address the specific challenges and needs within your organisation.

We start by conducting a thorough needs assessment to understand your organisation’s specific challenges, goals, and areas for improvement. Based on the needs assessment findings, we then develop a bespoke proposal outlining the recommended training for you to review with relevant stakeholders.

What is the cost structure for the leadership programmes and shorter sessions?

The cost structure for our leadership programmes and depends on several factors, including the duration of the program or session, the number of participants, customisation requirements, and the format of delivery.

Book a meeting with the team today to discuss your requirements and our pricing structure in more detail. 

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Leadership Training

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Leadership Training

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