45% of the UK Workforce Say Their Work is Suffering as a Result of Poor Mental Health

A recent study from People at Work 2022: A Global Workforce View has found that 45% of the UK workforce say their work is suffering as a result of poor mental health.

14% of UK workers say they experience stress at work at least once a week, and 19% feel stressed every day. Sirsha Halder, General Manager, APD UK, Ireland & South Africa, comments: “Whether staff are working from home or on the premises. It’s vital that managers can spot when someone is not coping with stress or getting swamped with workload”. Further to this, Mental health charity Mind revealed that a third of adults and young people say their mental health has gotten much worse since March.

Employers have a duty to create a supportive workplace environment and give staff the opportunity to talk freely about any problems they are facing. With 78% of employers being proactive about finding new ways to support the mental health of their workforce, there is still room to improve to ensure all colleagues are comfortable and feel supported.

Here at Wellity, we have a range of sessions to support your employee’s wellbeing, including:

· Banishing Burnout

· The Power of Grit

· Discovering Mindfulness

· From Distress to De-Stress

· Working Out Your Mind Muscle

Get in touch with our team on hello@wellityglobal.com to find out how you can support your team around this key topic.

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