The Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards 2023

The Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards were established to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of some of the most influential organisations, service providers, and individuals who have taken significant strides to address the current global wellbeing challenge.

Britain’s ambassadors for better wellbeing and satisfaction in the workplace were highlighted for the second year. The Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards were founded last year by the team behind the Great British Entrepreneur Awards in partnership with Wellity Global to bring conversations around workplace standards to the fore and give leaders in the wellbeing space a platform to inspire others.

Companies and individuals whoa re successfully addressing the current global wellbeing challenge were recognised in the Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards at The Connaught Rooms in London, March 29th, 2023.

A distinguished panel of leading UK wellbeing experts and professionals who have implemented wellbeing initiatives in their industries served as judges, evaluating businesses from all over the country and learning about the remarkable efforts they have undertaken to improve the lives of their employees and beyond. The inspiring event, drew over 300 attendees, recognised 16 winners across 16 award categories, with more than 130 individuals, teams and organisations shortlisted for consideration.

Prior to the commencement of the awards, there were three standing ovations and cheers to recognise and celebrate everyone present in the room.

Nicola Dowdall, the Co-Founder of the awards, took the stage with her opening speech stating “Workplace wellbeing is about people – the individuals who make up your workforce. It’s about recognising hat every single person in this room is unique and has their own individual needs and challenges, and that offering the required support is essential.”

Nicola handed the stage to Simon Scott-Nelson and Sadie Restorick founders of Wellity global and co-founders of the awards. Our very own Sadie Restorick stated ‘People struggling with their health because of work suggests we need to consider the culture they’re surrounded by. Yes, it’s tough, but we can do this – we can change this culture! Tonight, we support you, we admire you, and we celebrate you!”

The awards were hosted by Wynne Evans, who took the stage with humour, entertainment, and a great personality. He was a true inspiration sharing his own mental health journey with Wellity’s Simon Scott-Nelson which showed vulnerability and empowered the whole room.

Here at Wellity we would like to say a huge congratulations to everyone shortlisted and of course the winners, who make a difference to working lives every day of the year, and for that we really do thank you. Thank you also to our co-founders and everyone involved at the Great British Workplace Wellbeing Series who are invested in making other people’s lives that little bit better every day.

Winners of the GBWWA 2023

  • Best Wellbeing in the Workplace Strategy: SME – Comply Direct Ltd
  • Best Mental Wellbeing Initiative – RSPB (Royal Society for Protection of Birds)
  • Best Wellbeing Service Provider – Virgin Pulse
  • Team of the year – Team ITG
  • Best Support for Remote Workers – UKROEd
  • Best Wellbeing in the Workplace Strategy: Large Organisation – Centrica Plc
  • Breaking the Silence Award – Penny Hamilton
  • Lifetime Commitment to Wellbeing – Louise Boston
  • Most Inspiring Employee of the Year – Taiyler Jamerson
  • Best Use of Tech – Scottish Midland Co-operative Society
  • Best Physical Wellbeing Initiative – Legal & General
  • Most Inspiring HR Leader of the Year – Angi McKenna
  • Best Wellbeing in the Workplace Strategy: Public Sector – Fife College
  • Most Inspiring Senior Leader of the Year – Victoria Johnson
  • Best Financial Wellbeing Initiative – Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • Recognition for Excellence and Outstanding Engagement – South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

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