Mental Health Awareness Week 2024: Moving more for our Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 is a pivotal event aimed at highlighting the importance of mental wellbeing in our lives. Each year, it serves as a crucial platform to raise awareness, challenge stigma, and promote understanding surrounding mental health issues. The theme for this year, “Movement: Moving more for our mental health,” underscores the profound connection between physical activity and mental wellbeing. It emphasises the significant role that movement plays in enhancing our mood, reducing stress, and improving overall mental health.

Engaging in regular physical activity isn’t just beneficial for our physical health; it also has a profound impact on our mental and emotional wellbeing. Researchers found that, on average, a person has 3.4 poor mental health days per month. But those who exercise, the number of poor mental health days dropped by more than 40 percent. Whether it’s going for a walk in nature, participating in a dance class, or practicing yoga, movement offers a powerful avenue for stress relief, self-expression, and building resilience. One study found that engaging in just 30 minutes of physical activity three times a week, can significantly reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. By prioritising movement and embracing an active lifestyle, we not only strengthen our bodies but also nurture our minds, fostering greater wellbeing and resilience in the face of life’s challenges.

Ways to Stay Mentally Fit this Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

As Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 approaches, it’s crucial to explore various strategies for enhancing mental wellbeing and fostering resilience.

Practice Mindfulness

Incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine can be incredibly beneficial for mental wellbeing. Take a few moments each day to engage in mindfulness exercises such as deep breathing, meditation, or simply being present in the moment. Mindfulness helps to reduce stress, increase self-awareness, and cultivate a greater sense of inner peace.

Stay Connected

Social connection plays a crucial role in maintaining mental wellbeing. Make an effort to reach out to friends, family members, or support networks regularly, whether through phone calls, video chats, or in-person gatherings where possible. Connecting with others helps combat feelings of loneliness, strengthens relationships, and provides a sense of belonging.

Prioritise Seflf-Care

Self-care is essential for nurturing your mental health. Take time each day to engage in activities that bring you joy and relaxation, whether it’s reading a book, taking a bubble bath, or indulging in a hobby. Prioritising self-care helps to recharge your energy levels, reduce stress, and foster a greater sense of wellbeing.

Get Moving

As the theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 suggests, movement is key to supporting mental health. Find ways to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine, whether it’s going for a walk, practicing yoga, or dancing to your favourite music. Exercise release endorphins, improves mood, and boosts overall wellbeing.

Seek Support

If you’re struggling with your mental health, don’t hesitate to seek support from a professional. Reach out to a therapist, counsellor, or mental health helpline for guidance and assistance. Remember that it’s okay to ask for help, and seeking support is a proactive step towards improving your mental wellbeing.

By incorporating these strategies into your life, you can help to maintain and enhance your mental fitness during Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 and beyond. Remember that prioritising your mental health is an ongoing journey, and small daily habits can make a significant difference.

Where Can You Access Global Support this Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

Mental health awareness is crucial, and there are various places globally where you can access support during Mental Health Awareness Week 2024:

United Kingdom (UK) – NHS Mental Health Services:

The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK offers a wide range of mental health support services, including counselling, therapy, and medication management. You can access these services through your GP or by self-referral to local mental health teams.

United States (US) – National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI):

NAMI provides advocacy, education, support, and public awareness for individuals and families affected by mental health conditions. They offer support groups, helplines, and resources to help navigate the mental health system.

Canada – Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA):

CMHA provides a variety of mental health services, including crisis intervention, counselling, and peer support. They also offer education and advocacy to raise awareness and reduce stigma surrounding mental health.

Australia – Beyond Blue:

Beyond Blue is a mental health support organisation in Australia that offers information, resources, and support services for individuals experiencing mental health challenges. They provide online forums, helplines, and counselling services.

India – VISHRAM:

VISHRAM is a mental health helpline in India that offers support and counselling services in multiple languages. It provides a safe space for individuals to discuss their mental health concerns and receive guidance and support.

South Africa – South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG):

SADAG is Africa’s largest mental health support and advocacy group. They offer telephonic counselling, support groups, and educational resources to promote mental wellbeing across South Africa.

New Zealand – Lifeline Aotearoa:

Lifeline Aotearoa provides free, confidential support and counselling services to individuals experiencing mental health crises or emotional distress in New Zealand. They operate a 24/7 helpline and online chat service.

Germany – Deutsche Depressionshilfe:

Deutsche Depressionshilfe offers information, resources, and support for individuals affected by depression in Germany. They provide online self-help tools, helplines, and information on available treatment options.

Brazil – Centro de orização da Vida (CVV):

CVV is a suicide prevention hotline in Brazil that offers emotional support, crisis intervention, and suicide prevention services. They provide trained volunteers who offer confidential listening and support to those in distress.

Japan – TELL (Tokyo English Lifeline):

TELL provides mental health support and counselling services to the international community in Japan. They offer telephone counselling, face-to-face sessions, and online support groups to address a variety of mental health concerns.

These organisations and helplines play a vital role in promoting mental wellbeing and providing support to individuals in need during Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 and throughout the year.

How Can Wellity Support You?

Let’s Get Moving – Staying Active

The extended physical inactivity associated with sedentary lifestyles directly correlates with diminished levels of mental and physical health, yet it can be difficult to know where to start to get more active. This training will help explore practical ways to become more mobile and active in a way that is realistic and achievable, developing an understanding of the importance of movement for all aspects of our wellbeing.


  • Learning the importance of moving every day, you way.
  • Understanding NEAT activities.
  • Discovering how to stretch and release tension.
  • Exploring simple ways to get active.
  • Introducing a movement plan.


“The session provided practical insights that has helped me on the path to a more active lifestyle, emphasising the vital connection between movement and wellbeing.”

“Attending this session was a game-changer for me. It not only taught me the importance of regular physical activity but also showed me how to make it enjoyable and sustainable.”

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