Sexual Harassment UK Legislation 2024– Are You Ready? 

The landscape of workplace dynamics is undergoing a significant shift with the implementation of the Worker Protection Act 2023, which places increased responsibility on businesses to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Effective from the 26th of October 2024, this legislation marks a crucial step towards creating safer and more inclusive work environments.

The Worker Protection Act 2023 signifies a turning point in the approach towards addressing sexual harassment in professional settings. It not only amplifies the obligations of employers but also delineates key responsibilities and definitions crucial for compliance.

Key Obligations for Employers

Employers are now tasked with several pivotal responsibilities aimed at fostering a culture of respect and accountability within their organisations. These include providing comprehensive training on acceptable workplace behaviour, establishing robust reporting mechanisms, and enforcing anti-harassment policies tailored to the specific context of the workplace.

Central to compliance with the Worker Protection Act 2023 is the concept of “reasonable steps”. These encompass practical and proportionate actions that must be adapted to the unique circumstances of each workplace, ensuring that measures taken are effective in addressing and preventing sexual harassment.

It is imperative to note that while the legislation specifically addresses sexual harassment, it does not extend to other forms of discrimination such as race, age, sexual orientation, gender, or religious belief.

Evolving Employer Obligations and Compensation Changes

In addition to clarifying the responsibilities of employers, the legislation also introduces significant changes concerning compensation and ongoing obligations. Compensation for harassment claims, including sexual harassment, may increase by up to 25%, underscoring the importance of proactive measures to prevent such incidents.

Employers are further obligated to regularly review and update their anti-harassment policies and procedures, invest in continuous training programmes, and cultivate a culture of diversity, inclusion, and respect within their organisations. Effective mechanisms for addressing complaints impartially are also paramount, necessitating the seeking of legal advice to ensure compliance with the new Act.

Guidance for Employers

The overarching goal of the Worker Protection Act 2023 is to foster safer and more inclusive workplaces where every individual feels respected and valued. Employers play a pivotal role in achieving this objective by not only ensuring compliance with the legislation but also by actively cultivating a workplace culture that prioritises wellbeing and respect for all.

Recognising the need for clarity and guidance amidst these changes, the Equality and Human Rights Commission will provide a statutory code with comprehensive guidance for employers. Businesses are encouraged to take immediate steps to align with the provisions of the new law, thereby contributing to the creation of more equitable and supportive work environments.

How Can Wellity Support Your Organisation?

Here at Wellity, we’re dedicated to supporting our employees, which is why we’ve introduced new training titles specifically designed to provide comprehensive support and guidance on navigating topics related to workplace wellbeing and compliance with the Worker Protection Act 2023.

With the new law coming into effect very soon in October it’s now more important than ever to implement training for employees and managers.

Sexual Harassment Prevention: A Guide for Managers

A critical workshop tailored for managers, addressing sexual harassment in the workplace. Participants will delve into understanding sexual harassment, recognising incidents within their teams, and empathising with those affected. Moreover, they will learn protocols to handle reports effectively, ensuring compliance with the law and fulfilling their responsibilities.


  • Understand sexual harassment and its manifestations.
  • Recognise incidents of sexual harassment within their teams.
  • Understand the emotions and behaviours of harassment victims.
  • Discover proper procedures when a team member reports harassment.
  • Understand legal obligations and managerial responsibilities regarding sexual harassment.

Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Recent statistics reveal that 81 percent of women and 43 percent of men have experienced a form of sexual harassment. In this session, participants will learn about sexual harassment, what it can look like, and how to recognise and address it. They will also learn to understand their feelings in response to sexual harassment, know where to go for support, and how to intervene as bystanders.


  • Recognise incidents of sexual harassment at work.
  • Know how to respond if experiencing harassment.
  • Understand emotional responses to harassment.
  • Access support resources, ensuring no one faces harassment alone.
  • Develop skills to intervene as empowered bystanders.

Speak Up Champions – Zero Tolerance

Participants will learn to listen effectively to colleagues, promote internal protocols for speaking up, and encourage both bystanders and those directly affected by any form of disrespectful behaviour to come forward. Through compassionate communication, champions will foster trust and rapport, ensuring that safety concerns are addressed promptly and confidentially, particularly focusing on addressing power dynamics and supporting those who may feel unable to speak up or be heard.


  • Master active listening techniques to support colleagues in voicing concerns.
  • Promote internal protocols for reporting and addressing safety issues.
  • Encourage bystanders and affected individuals to speak up.
  • Demonstrate empathy and compassion when addressing sensitive topics.
  • Address power dynamics and support individuals who may feel unable to speak up or be heard.

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