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Navigating The Journey of Life


An empowering programme that recognises and supports employees through significant milestones and challenges encountered in their personal and professional lives. This comprehensive programme combines interactive live 1-hour webinars with insightful 20-minute on-demand e-learnings, providing valuable resources and guidance to navigate life’s transformative moments.

Modules and Objectives

Module 1: Relationships, Sexual Health, and Gender
  • Live Webinar: Intimacy Explored: Nurturing Healthy Relationships and Overcoming Challenges
  • On-demand E-learning: Navigating Transitions: Separation, Divorce, Loneliness, and Personal Growth
Module 2: Raising a Family
  • Live Webinar: Journey into Parenthood: Navigating Pregnancy, Adoption, and Fostering
  • On-demand E-learning: Parenting Insights: Pregnancy Challenges, Loss, Fertility, and IVF
Module 3: Children’s Mental Health
  • Live Webinar: Your Child’s Mind: Mental health and Neurodiversity
  • On-demand E-learning: Navigating Childhood Challenges: Social Media Addiction, Body Image, and School Stress
Module 4: Grief and Loss
  • Live Webinar: Understanding Grief, Bereavement, and Coping With Loss
  • On-demand E-learning: Beyond Bereavement: Exploring Different Types of Grief and Loss.
Module 5: Changing Health
  • Live Webinar: Empowered Health: Strategies for Managing Chronic Conditions
  • On-demand E-learning: Mid-Life Challenges: Navigating The Transitional Phases of Middle Age
Module 5: Becoming a Carer
  • Live Webinar: Balancing Acts: Supporting ‘Sandwich Carers’ and Promoting Self-Care
  • On-demand E-learning: Caregiver Support: Empathy and Understanding for the Challenges of Caring

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