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Though often used interchangeably, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are interrelated yet distinct and separate concepts. This series focuses on educating and empowering attendees in differentiating these terms and creating a shared meaning for application in their working lives. 

Throughout the programme, attendees will be invited to reflect on their own experiences and levels of unconscious bias, confronting the realities of every-day working life and tackling existing beliefs and barriers to their commitment to evoking a sense of belonging for all.

Completion of the programme will enable attendees to truly understand the role every person plays as an individual part of the whole organisational mission towards DE&I, and how together it is possible to create a working culture where everyone feels they truly belong.

Modules and Objectives

Module 1

In this session, participants will delve into the significance of diversity, fostering understanding and respect for differences. Utilising the Layers of Diversity Wheel, the exploration will encompass various facets of identity, including race, education, sexuality, neurodiversity, and gender. The training will emphasise the need to champion and celebrate these differences, recognising their positive impact on teams and organisations.

Module 2

This enlightening session will help attendees discover the true meaning of equity, understanding the barriers to fair treatment, access, and opportunity for others. Through thoughtful discussions, it will identify effective ways to ensure that all people are empowered and enabled to access full participation in all aspects of life.

Module 3

This insightful session builds upon previous modules, emphasising authentic inclusivity in practice. It highlights the significance of respect and values, raising awareness of overcoming obstacles to inclusion. Attendees gain practical insights and strategies to foster a genuinely inclusive environment, nurturing empathy and understanding for a progressive workplace.

Module 4

This interactive session will be highly practical, encouraging attendees to deeply reflect on the series and proactively make their commitments to creating a working environment where everyone genuinely feels that they belong. Together, we will collaboratively create accountability charters, effectively communicating the agreed-upon actions and fostering a sense of responsibility for all participants to uphold.

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