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Ice & Fire - A Leading Through Change Programme


An essential leadership skill in the modern working world is the ability to navigate through change and lead from the front. It has always been undeniable that the business landscape is often in a state of flux, and this has never been more so than in current times. In the face of such relentless change, strong change leaders will remain to be one of the most sought-out antidotes to the chaos and complexities in an uncertain world.

Yet, in this time of turbulence, many managers are mystified as to how to effectively lead through change, particularly in complex structures such as matrix organisations. In fact, an HR Insights Survey (2022) found more than 50% of organisations lack the skills to lead through change.

The ‘Ice and Fire’ Training Programme has been specifically designed by the Wellity Global academic team, to reflect the challenges faced by organisations across the world as more and more managers face turbulent and changing times and tides.

Modules and Objectives

Module 1

In part one of our journey, we descend through the icy lands of the north and discover the power and importance of executive function, self-awareness and self-control in our quest to manage change. As the group progresses, we delve deeper into the Lewin’s Change Model and demonstrate the powerful importance of the Unfreeze-Change-Freeze process. Using case studies, stories and live scenes, we will reveal how the approach can help managers to develop change agility – the adaptability to change.

Module 2

In part two, we move into the land of fire, firstly focusing upon igniting passion and purpose in our people through times of change, nurturing glowing embers into visionary flames. We will reveal the practical ways to “find their own inner fire”, understanding personal motivators to help promote grit and determination in the face of uncertainty. Together, the group will climb towards their compelling vision for the future and design their map for success in their own changing worlds, ultimately completing the Ice and Fire Quest.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the fundamental process of change leadership and unlock the power of self awareness and accountability.
  • Identify the importance of purpose in the face of change and develop the skills to drive a resilient team.
  • Learn the practical communication strategies to lead through change.
  • Develop the tools to increase change agility and adaptability.
  • Discover sustainable energy management practices.

Case Study: Wellity was approached by a prominent educational facility in the United Kingdom to address the organisation’s recent challenges in change transition and guiding employees through periods of change.

Recognising the need to equip senior leaders with the necessary skills to navigate change effectively, Wellity proposed their comprehensive training programme “Ice and Fire” which was tailored to the organisations specific requirements.

Wellity designed and delivered three full-day workshops of their highly acclaimed programme to three groups of senior leaders. The programme incorporated a combination of theoretical knowledge, case studies, group activities, and interactive discussions to engage participants and encourage active engagement.

The training programme received exceptional feedback from the participants. One attendee commented, “A truly great experience which was interactive and informative. Delivered with enthusiasm and the right pace for my particular style of learning.” This positive feedback highlights the engaging nature of the training event and the effectiveness of the delivery. Furthermore, a comprehensive post-training evaluation revealed a significant increase in participants’ ability to create a vision and map for increasing change agility, with a 28% reported improvement in capacity to respond to organisational changes.

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