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This comprehensive programme, split into two parts, aims to equip participants with the tools and knowledge to foster personal wellbeing and lead effectively in high-stress environments. In Part One, “Live Well,” participants delve into the fundamentals of emotional health, stress management, and energy conservation. Through self-assessment and practical strategies, they learn to identify and overcome personal barriers while crafting an individual energy management plan.

Part Two, “Lead Well,” focuses on leadership responsibilities in creating healthy work environments, recognising signs of distress in employees, and fostering psychological safety. Participants explore techniques for empowering their teams and commit to actionable changes for healthy leadership.


Modules and Objectives

Module 1: Live Well
  • Learning the core concepts of emotional health.
  • Understanding the distinction between stress and pressure.
  • Recognising the cause and risk factors associated with stress, anxiety and burnout.
  • Conducting a coping strategies self-assessment.
  • Overcoming personal barriers to strategic energy management.
  • Acknowledging own unhealthy habits.
  • Learning how to manage dual pressures as the ‘squeezed middle’.
  • Discovering practical ways to manage stress and drive sustainable performance.
  • Shifting the focus to balance and boundaries.
  • Writing a personal energy management plan.
Module 2: Lead Well
  • Establishing the importance of being a role model.
  • Explore the managers role in creating healthy work environments and preventing burnout.
  • Identifying signs of distress in employees.
  • Tackling signs of concern, particularly in a hybrid world.
  • Understanding the dynamic between healthy work and healthy minds.
  • Establish the importance of psychological safety.
  • Engaging in healthy and empowering conversations.
  • Learn how to empower employees to adopt healthy working practices.
  • Discovering techniques for assertive expectation/demand management.
  • Sharing individual commitments to making a change.
  • Discussing and setting accountability goals.

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Leadership Training

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